Those of you who enjoy Japanese games and also subscribe to the Playstation® Network, will be delighted to hear that the PSN Manga Sale has started today! The sale features some truly huge savings on loads of excellent Japanese titles, including quite a selection of our very own Midas games with up to 50% off!

Starting today, we'll be offering the following massive discounts through the PSN Store:

Spectral Vs Generation - £6.49 (€7.99) down to £2.49 (€2.99)
Generation of Chaos - £5.49 (€6.99) down to £2.49 (€2.99)
Maken Shao: Demon Sword - £3.99 (€4.99) down to £1.69 (€1.99)
Robot Warlords - £3.99 (€4.99) down to £1.69 (€1.99)
Battle Construction Vehicles - £3.99 (€4.99) down to £1.69 (€1.99)
Steel Dragon EX - £3.99 (€4.99) down to £1.69 (€1.99)
The Seed: Warzone - £3.99 (€4.99) down to £1.69 (€1.99)

There's good news for current PS+ members too, as you'll save an extra 10% discount off all the sales prices listed above, making all these games even more irresistible.

So, be sure to hurry over to the PSN Store and take advantage of these great savings while they last! And if you've never tried Atlus' Maken Shao, now is the perfect time to try this awesome game from the makers of the Persona & Shin Megami Tensei series.